10 Reasons Why Organic Beauty Cosmetics Should be in Your Beauty Kit

Organic ingredients aren't just good for meals, but for skin too. When it comes to our food, we are more than concerned about our choices where organic foods top the list, so why not use the power of essential ingredients in your beauty regime?

Adapting an organic beauty regime can be a rewarding experience not just for you but for your surroundings, too. Here is a rounding off of our top 10 reasons highlighting the benefits of organic beauty cosmetics and why you should include them in your beauty kit.

1. Power of natural ingredients:

natural ingredients

Certified organic cosmetics intend to mirror the healing and therapeutic properties of plants & other natural ingredients in a product. These products derive their ingredients from organic sources grown without pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and other synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, making sure your skin & body receive only authentic, natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

2. Devoid of any allergens:

Because the plant and foods are grown organically with absolutely no use of chemicals, organic skin products most likely don't cause allergies, inflammation, or irritations. If in case, the allergy occurs, it's because of an individual's sensitivity toward certain products such as peanuts, soy, etc., which one can check with the ingredients mentioned on the product. 

3. Caters to skin sensitivity:

Non-organic beauty products often contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic color and preservatives, and artificial fragrances and perfumes. Often such chemicals can cause skin irritation, bumps, or even severe skin conditions like dermatitis. These products have a group of ingredients hidden under one, making it difficult to narrow down what exactly is causing the problem. Switching to organic products with easily identifiable ingredients derived from plant & food sources is not only safe for your skin but allows you to figure out what causes sensitivity and can be avoided. 

4. Natural and active nutrients:

Organically grown plants & produce retain a higher level of antioxidants than those grown non-organically. These products are free from any chemicals and contamination. As a result, ingredients derived from such produce & plants to formulate the best organic beauty products ensure a high level of purity and nutrient value for your skin.

5. Non-invasive and better for your skin:

The synthetic chemical-filled ingredients in most cosmetics may promise you to deliver fast results but turn out to be highly invasive as one can imagine. These chemical ingredients are most of the time gimmicky and are often aesthetically pleasing. With prolonged usage, they damage your skin and hamper the oxygen exchange to the skin, resulting in premature aging signs and blemishes. On the other hand, natural beauty products offer nutritional value that nourishes, soothes, and heals your skin from within while being gentler on your skin in the long run.

6. Cruelty-free products:

Cruelty free products

Cosmetic products have long been tested on animals to ensure a safe product for humans. In this attempt, animals get harmed or even killed in unimaginable ways. Organic products oppose such unethical practices and use all-natural ingredients that are safe and sound to use and don't require the need for testing. When you buy cruelty-free, organic beauty cosmetics, you do not just do good for yourself but the animals, too.

7. Equally potent as conventional beauty products:

Using organic beauty products, you can utilize the power of natural ingredients to effectively tackle various signs of skin conditions than with non-organically grown and artificially vitamin & mineral induced products. As per the research, organic products have 60% more antioxidants than those artificially made, making them rich ingredients to add to your vanity.

8. Easy to understand formulations:

If you ever checked the label of conventional beauty products, you would have noticed a list of never-ending ingredients that are often unheard of, most of which are chemical-sounding. In short, you aren't familiar with what you are putting on your skin and how it will react with it in the long run. When you use organic-based products, you are aware of formulations, as most ingredients are plant & food-based. Besides, having an idea about the ingredients also helps you understand the benefits to your skin are much easier to understand and relatable.

9. Tried and tested ingredients:

tested ingredients

Applying turmeric as a face pack for skin brightening & acne treatment, usage of fuller's earth (Multani Mitti) to cleanse the skin. These beauty regimes have been used for generations and stood the test of time in terms of effectiveness. Apart from this, some flowers & plants, such as neem, hibiscus, and aloe vera, are utilized in organic cosmetics for their healing properties, making them an ideal ingredient to include as a part of a beauty regime.

10. Helps preserve the environment:

Since organic products get sourced from natural products, free from any pesticides or fertilizers, they work in harmony with the surroundings and don't return the residue to the environment through any source. Organic farming also helps preserve wildlife and mitigate the greenhouse effects and global warming. By utilizing organic products, you contribute to the betterment of the environment and ensure its sustainability.

Investing in the right choice at the grocery and choosing suitable skin care products are equally important for your health & beauty. Choose a better, natural, and sustainable way with organic skin care products if you haven't yet thought of doing so. Visit your very own organic beauty shop at London Organic Beauty to explore a wide range of organic, cruelty-free, and vegan cosmetics.




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