Daily Affirmations for Inner Peace


Its important to stay positive in these challenging times and look after our mental health.

Affirmations are words or phrases of emotional support and encouragement that we can tell ourselves to improves positive mindset. Affirmations are proven to improve mental health and mindset over time.

That is why we are very excited to have teamed up with renowned psychologist Mamta Saha to give all of our customers a Free Handy Bag of Daily Affirmations for Inner Peace, with every purchase over £100. Mamta Saha's advice appears in the pages of Vogue and her wisdom can regularly be seen on Sky News, the BBC and other media. 



The Handy travel bag can fit in your purse or pocket. The offer will run until stocks run out.

We're excited that Mamta Saha will also be joining us for a LIVE Session on our Social Media soon! So watch out for that!!! :) xx

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