Our Core Values


London Organic's Core Values are Inclusivity, Diversity and ethical production. Our Products are 100% Made in the UK, Organic, Natural and made with Simple, Pure Ingredients. 

London Organic Beauty Products think forward to not only the wellbeing of the environment as a vegan, cruelty free beauty brand that utilises 100% recyclable packaging; but also, to the wellbeing of the consumers skin. 



London Organic believes in the simple idea that what you put on your skin, is absorbed into the body; therefore, we stay clear of such chemical ingredients that can build up in the body to be harmful and toxic and have adverse effects on the surface of the skin itself. Our product range mindfully uses organic ingredients and pure botanical actives that generally lead to more youthful, healthy and glowing skin. We have no need for irritating artificial chemicals, colours or fragrances like other products.  Our delicate scents are made only from nourishing` pure plant essential oils and, like all our products are handmade in England. We do not support fast, wasteful production. Our products are carefully considered and are made in small batches ensuring the highest quality and guaranteed freshness. Being free from harsh additives and chemicals means that our products stand true to being hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive skin. 


London Organic’s beauty products are against the exploitation of animals and animal product usage in beauty. Vegan Beauty products, like ours, bring us all one step closer to protecting the creatures of today, ensuring their safety for tomorrow.




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