5 Benefits Of Using Vegan Beauty Products

As Veganuary draws to a close, we would like to show you the benefits of continuing to live a vegan lifestyle and how being a vegan is so much more than just a change in diet. Veganism centres around eating plant-based foods, but the ultimate goal is to avoid animal products in all parts of life.
When people try to adopt the vegan lifestyle, many focus on the food aspect however, veganism extends to more than just your diet. There are so many parts of your life that you can make vegan and would benefit from doing so: one of these is beauty. We’re much less likely to look at the ingredients on the back of a beauty product to determine if it’s vegan or not. We care a lot less about what’s in our moisturiser than what’s in our food. However, taking the extra time to check over the ingredients and see if they are vegan or check if a brand is vegan can save your skin.


vegan skincare products


So what are the benefits of using vegan beauty products, and why is it worth switching to a greener beauty routine, whether you’re vegan or not?

Good for your skin

  • Vegan beauty products are often kinder to your hair and skin. They are more likely to use non-irritative ingredients that won’t aggravate the skin. Whereas non-vegan products can contain nasty ingredients and animal by-products, such as Uric acid (sourced from cows), and are often harsh on the skin.
  • Vegan beauty products generally are more likely to contain more nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Rather than putting harsh chemicals on your skin that can speed up the ageing process, these nutrients aid in cell regeneration, keeping you looking young and fresh. They are also great on sensitive skin with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with skin problems such as eczema, allergies and skin inflammation.


Good for your health

  • Non-vegan beauty products can contain synthetic chemicals and artificial additives which penetrate deep into the pores. These have been shown to cause rashes and can even be a factor in causing skin cancer. Vegan beauty products are often free from these chemicals and additives, making them more beneficial for your skin.

  • Also, vegan beauty products often have a shorter ingredient list, making it easier to understand what you are applying to your face, body, and hair.

Vegan Beauty Products

Good for the environment 

  • Vegan beauty products avoid using pesticides that animals are exposed to during farming. These can make their way into the atmosphere as pollutants, harming the environment.
  • Vegan roducts contain natural and organic ingredients, which means they are non-harmful to the environment after use. Instead, they break back down into non-harmful components and are reused by their surroundings.


Good for animals

  • Vegan beauty products are good for animals since they contain no animal products within them and most vegan products are also cruelty-free, meaning no animals are harmed or tested on to create these products.


Good for your wallet

  • Many vegan beauty products are comparable to the cost of non-vegan beauty products, meaning you are not losing any money by making the switch to using these products. 


Benefits of vegan beauty product

Vegan or not, buying products that are less damaging to your skin, the environment and the animals seems like the obvious choice, especially when they are just as cheap. Why wouldn’t you make the switch?

Looking good doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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