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London Organic Fashion has hosted and organised over 100 fashion events in London since 2011. We have always aimed to be inclusive and representative of the broad diversity of London society with the catwalk models who have walked for us. Our models are of every colour and background, plus-size and slim, wheelchair and disabled models, transgender and non-binary.

London Organic Beauty products were developed as natural treatments for our models. They can be used on all types of skin to nourish and bring out its own natural radiance. They help keen the skin supple, young-looking and fresh whilst only using pure natural ingredients avoiding carconigenic artificial substances and chemicals and preservatives that have shown to have long-term negative effects on our skin as well as the environment. .

Each product is Paraben, Sulphate and Petrochemical free. Parabens are artificial chemical preservatives that have been added to products since the 1950s. The problem with adding them to skincare is that they have been shown to penetrate and stay within human tissue. Another common chemical found in products is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. SLS is a synthetic chemical compound which is used as an inexpensive foaming agent. SLS in its production stage requires large quantities of unsustainable palm oil and can also be found to be highly drying and can be irritating to those with sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or similar.  


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