About Us


The London Organic Beauty range has been around for nearly 5 years and is now on a path to enrich the skin of the masses. We are looking to launch in retail outlets across the UK in 2019, but are currently selling here, online. We are dedicated to fair working practices, the planet and ensuring our products are as ethical as can be when it comes to product ingredients, production, and packaging. 

London Organic's beauty product range is wholesome and handmade in small batches here in England. Our products have 100% recyclable packaging: they are vegan, organic, cruelty-free and make use of natural ingredients. 

The beauty product range is free from parabens along with sulphates, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. Parabens are used in many beauty products because it is an inexpensive ingredient that allows the product to have a much longer shelf life - but they are not used in ours. Artificial colours and fragrances are also used in many products. They are made from various chemicals to produce a synthetic colour or scent. The London Organic Beauty line excludes parabens, sulphates, artificial colours and fragrances because they are known to be harmful skin irritants and are known to be especially bad for those with sensitive skin. 

We are proud that our organic and vegan skincare range is packed full of nourishing organic ingredients (such as organic plant oils) and pure botanical actives ensuring the purest, high-quality care that your skin deserves.