About Us

The London Organic Beauty range has been around for nearly 5 years and is now on a path to enrich the skin of the masses. London Organic Beauty products think forward to not only the wellbeing of the consumers skin, but also to the environment as a vegan, cruelty free beauty brand that utilises 100% recyclable packaging and is hand-made in the England.

London Organic believes in the simple idea that what you put on your skin, is absorbed into the body; therefore, we stay clear of such chemical ingredients that can build up in the body to be harmful and toxic and have adverse effects on the surface of the skin itself. 

The beauty product range is free from parabens along with sulphates, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. This is because they are known to be harmful skin irritants and are known to be especially bad for those with sensitive skin yet have been added to products since the 1950s. Our product range mindfully uses organic ingredients and pure botanical actives that generally lead to more youthful, healthy and glowing skin.  

We are tapping into a universal concept “inner beauty” that rises above social conformity and moves past superficiality allowing your natural beauty to shine through with our exclusively crafted products which are sustainably sourced from nature.

We are proud that our organic and vegan skincare range is packed full of nourishing organic ingredients (such as organic plant oils) and pure botanical actives ensuring the purest, high-quality care that your skin deserves. Vegan beauty products, like ours, bring us all one step closer to protecting the creatures of today, ensuring their safety for tomorrow.