The Restore Collection: Hand Salve

Hand Salve

Allow us to introduce you to our Hand Salve. As part of The Restore Collection, this hydration hero works to repair tired hands, naturally.

Our hands go through a lot in one day yet are often neglected from people’s skincare routines! They really do require as much, if not more care than you’re giving the rest of your body, so a bit of extra special treatment is definitely in order! And that’s where our hydrating Hand Salve comes in to repair. So how does it do it?

It is rich in sweet almond oil which is pretty much a miracle worker for our hands as it contains Vitamin A which is great for repairing skin and nourishing your hands. There is also a precious blend of essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary, which help to nurture and lock in the moisture that has been lost. These soothing oils also work in harmony to produce a scent that is both relaxing and calming. But wait, there’s more? This superhero salve also fights against the effects of sun damage and ageing as its packed with Vitamin E and omega 3 known for their healing properties. Nourished skin, coming right up!

How we recommend applying it:

Apply Hand Salve

Apply a generous amount to dry hands and nails and gently massage it in.


Top tip: Why not give yourself a hand massage at the end of a long day? Let the soothing essential oils calm your skin and mind!


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