London Organic Fashion Event Feb 2022: “London Represents”

London Organic Beauty is proud to have sponsored what the Daily Mail describes as the ‘pivotal moment’ of London Fashion Week; the London Represents fashion show (Liz Jones - Daily Mail*). London Organic started producing London Fashion Events over 10 years ago - working hard to make fashion events in London more ethical, inclusive, and diverse. We have since transferred these values to our beauty products which are all vegan, ethical and cruelty-free, so they can be used on all skin types. As a brand, our core values are inclusivity, diversity, and ethical production, so to sponsor this London Represents fashion show encompasses everything we stand for as a brand, and we couldn’t be more proud of the results of such an incredible event. 

London Represents provided a fresh and exciting alternative to the traditional on-schedule shows taking place at LFW. Focusing on the collections of emerging designers and shown on models who represent a true image of diversity and inclusion. The show’s primary focus was to showcase that fashion can be on-trend, sustainable and inclusive, celebrating the similarities and differences between us.

(Sylvia Mac - Burns Thriver, Campaigner, Women of the Year 2020)


“We believe that by creating a show that is beautiful and glamorous, as one would expect during London Fashion Week. But also includes those who are most often overlooked and dismissed by traditional catwalks, we can help shape a better future for fashion.” - Gaia Beck (Show organiser and diversity advocate).


“London Represents is here to disrupt the fashion industry, for many years we tried to implement this change, talking with brands, universities and shows organisers without success, so we decided to take action ourselves. We believe we are the change, we are creating it, a space of connection, where not only the models but the public can feel this connection, a sense of belonging and reality. Fashion is a vehicle for this dream, a previously impossible, unachievable thing to achieve that we want to make real. Perfection is imperfection”. -  Samanta Bullock (Show organiser and one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK).

(Lucy Beal - Disabled Model and Advocate)


“ As a disabled model and academic, I was glad to take part in London Represents to help exhibit what I hope to be the future of fashion: a future that thrives on inclusivity, ethicality and sustainability." - Lucy Beal (Disabled model and advocate).

London Represents evolved from a student-based show in East London to a large-scale, Central London show that attracts international sustainable designers who fly into London to take part. Designers such as Dear Ocean Community from Portugal and Tracy Toulouse from Canada participated in this year's show. While never losing sight of the talented British, emerging designers who the show initially supported, including the Midlands Fashion Awards; sustainable designer of the year Serefina Rose.

The models were largely chosen from campaigners and influencers. Models such as Lily Mills, who is a Special Olympics gold medalist. Maju De Araujo, who is a Downs Syndrome Model and the face of L’Oreal. As well as Vegan campaigner Nicole Whittle and disability advocate, Sandie Roberts. These models are known to make an impact within their community, thus were a perfect fit for this show. Diversity is embodied in many different ways. The event was a celebration of unity through diversity; with models from every colour, creed, background, sexual orientation and representing areas of society that have been often overlooked from London Fashion catwalks.


(Maju De Araujo, Brazilian Down's Syndrome Model and L’Oreal ambassador)


(Sandie Roberts, Disability Advocate, Speaker & Model)


London Represents’ mission was not only to incorporate a diverse range of individuals to model the clothing but to shine a light on how much the industry is lacking in diversity. The uplifting nature of this show was extremely popular with guests and proven a great addition to London Fashion week. 

London Organic is excited to continue to promote London Represents in the future and carry on this journey to make fashion events more inclusive and diverse.

*Daily Mail Article:

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