The Restore Collection: Brow, Lash and Nail Serum

Moisturising Serum for Lashes

A serum that renews the brows, lashes, AND nails? Yes please! Our serum is a key player in The Restore Collection, working hard to strengthen and bring life back to our hair and nails.

Quite often, we can neglect these three during our skin care routines, but they need just as much love too! Without proper attention, they can become dry and brittle and that’s where our superhero serum comes in to ensure that they feel and look, renewed.

When it comes to caring for your brows, lashes and nails, hydration is key. That’s why we have packed it full of argan, castor and grapeseed oil, which work in unison to give you strong, moisturised, and healthy hair and nails. And we’re not done there! This deluxe serum is high in Vitamins A, C, E as well as powerful antioxidants to encourage radiance and shine.

Just like every other product in our range, it is of course vegan, organic, cruelty free and completely natural. So, no nasty chemicals in sight, just ingredients that you can trust.

How we recommend applying it:


Apply Brow, Lash and Nail Serum

 Simply apply a couple of drops into each area and massage in gently, to seal in the goodness.

Top tip: Amp up your bedtime skincare routine with this as your first step! Massage it in and let the product works its magic overnight.


 We all want nourished and healthy brows, nails, and lashes, why not nourish them all at the same with our targeted 3 in 1 serum?



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