5 Reasons Cruelty-free Should be a Necessity in Your Beauty Routine.

Whether it’s shampoo, self-tanner or body wash, cruelty-free is rising in popularity.

With the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z promoting the benefits of cruelty free products, more and more beauty enthusiasts are turning their backs on conventional animal-testing, instead opting for animal-friendly, vegan options.

You don’t have actually have to be vegan to reap the benefits of cruelty free either – nobody likes the idea of animal testing, but the benefits of cruelty-free and vegan products stretch beyond the obvious.

1. Cruelty-free ingredients are generally kinder to skin.

Going for Cruelty-Free ingredients, means you’re ditching dyes, sulphates and parabens. Chemical-free products, with natural ingredients are the kindest to skin – going for cosmetics that are completely natural reduces the likelihood of inflammation, breakouts and dreaded allergies.

2. You can be a change maker.

When you support cruelty-free companies, it sends a message to the rest of the beauty industry – that harming animals through testing is unacceptable when there thousands of fantastic cruelty-free ingredients that have powerful effects on skin. You’re saying this in the most direct way possible too – with where you choose to shop. Choosing cruelty-free is having real world effect too – India, Israel and New Zealand are some places that have decided to put the safety of animals and humans first by banning animal testing.

3. Cruelty-free means going green.

Organic products are better for the environment – they have lower emissions and use less energy. Luckily, many cruelty-free brands provide organic toxin-free products meaning you can choose on what is good for both beauty, and planet.

Animal testing laboratories create huge amounts of waste that can be detrimental to the environment – choosing a brand that doesn’t support animal labs and instead opts for chemical-free and natural ingredients means you’re single-handedly reducing waste.

4. Animal testing is never necessary.

In the UK, U.S and Europe, animal testing isn’t required by law – companies choose to test on rabbits, mice (and even cats) when there are really great alternatives such as testing done on single cells of artificial tissue. Animals are only used because they’re more affordable.

5. Quality over quantity.

By opting for high quality, natural and cruelty-free ingredients you’re able to be more considered with your approach to beauty – by only buying items you need you’re not only saving money, you’re also reducing waste and being more conscious and eco-friendly.

For more information on cruelty-free you can visit our webpage, or check out PETA’s easy to use database of cruelty-free companies.


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