BTS London Organic Photoshoot

On Thursday 15th October four members of the London Organic Beauty team met up in Hidden Heights Creative Studio in Gateshead. This post will give you an insight into how companies operate behind the scenes...


Both myself and fellow brand ambassador Shivangi, a third year fashion communications student, met up in Newcastle Upon Tyne town centre to buy last minute essential props for the shoot. Once we arrived at the studio we meet up with the final team member, Barbara, a recent graduate. As well as one of the models, Jade, also a fashion communications student that helped us for the day. My favourite member of the team however, was little Jasper the doggo who welcomed us to the studio with his tail happily wagging.


With coconut, lemongrass and vanila beans in hand we got to work. Due to my complete lack of ability to take pretty photos or create anything remotely visually pleasing I was in charge of creating BTS content for both the Instagram and TikTok (give us a cheeky follow if you fancy for more content). Both Shivangi and Barbara initially focused on photographing of the products. We had the opportunity to photograph six products. These included the hand lotion, sugar body scrubs and the moisturising face wash.


After a swift turnaround and repositioning of the tripods we moved onto the head shoots. We kept the shoots simple and minimalistic to ensure we focused on the natural skin. I may be a little bias but I can safely say all the girls looked beautiful and sell the products effortlessly.


The sun began to set on a cold autumn day and the time in the studio had pasted too quickly after an afternoon of laughs and seamless teamwork. We packed up our belongings and waved each other goodbye after a successful day with the London Organic Beauty team. 

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