Do's and Don'ts for your Winter Skincare


1. Adapt and tailor your skincare to the outside weather

Simply put, you wouldn't wear the same summery clothes during the winter months so it only makes sense that you switch up your skincare to reflect the changing seasons!


The harsh weather means that opting for thicker more nourishing face creams can be more beneficial for your skin and it will thank you for it!! A foaming cleanser can become a little harsh for your skin in the winter, so opt for a softer cream; why not try London Organic Beauty's face creams, pick from three to suit your skin.

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or just nestled in the middle they have all your needs covered... 

2. Continue to drink plenty of water 

The cold weather comes with the the feeling of needing to rehydrate less. This is simply untrue and our skin still needs a significant amount of water every day.

3. Exfoliate regularly

It's no secret that as winter comes around the dry skin comes with it and so exfoliating regularly can allow the dead skin cells to be removed and the new surface leaves you feeling fresh and looking radiant. London Organic Beauty has a choice of three sugar scrubs, one of which has been especially designed for the Christmas period to help you get in the spirit.



1. Skip your lotion 

Applying body lotion upon leaving the shower leaves your skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth an absolute necessity for the winter months.

Luckily, for you guys I have the best body lotion available to you that ensures you get the very best nourishment for your body. It's also vegan, cruelty free and organic helping you feel fresh and rejuvenated naturally.

2. Neglect your hands and feet

Your hands and feet tackle a lot everyday, more than we probably realise. They can become dry and cracked easily, especially with constant use of hand sanitiser in the recent months. So keeping hand lotion on your person is necessary! It can easily become a forgotten step to your routine and so using both daily helps you get into a habit.

London Organic Beauty has the best hand and foot lotions that help hydrate and moisturise so you feel ready come rain or shine! 

3. Skip reading the ingredients

Personally, I avoid using products, makeup and skincare, that have questionable ethics and so I use London Organic Beauty. They ensure all their ingredients are ethically sourced and made to the highest standard. Using natural and organic ingredients is the best way to make sure your skin is healthy and free from any harsh, artificial toxins.

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