Helping you live a Toxin-Free life - Part 1

With many of us living in large cities, it is difficult to lead an altogether toxin-free life. The air and noise pollution found in cities and urban areas means that our skin is left exposed to many different toxins. As well as this, hectic city life can leave residents with limited time to devote to nurturing their skin and upholding a consistent skin-care routine.

Personally, I don’t use many products on my skin. However, the products I actively avoid using are those that are packed with chemicals. Products with chemical preservatives can cause issues such as irritation and in extreme cases, contribute to developing cancer. I also aim to stick solely to organic products as they do not contain any carcinogens. There are many companies now offering organic and toxin- free skincare ranges. One company I know specifically is London Organic. Their products are vegan, cruelty free and you guessed it, organic! They offer a large range of skincare products that are carefully created with the customer in mind, as well as being free of toxins and chemicals. They offer a Try-Me Face Kit designed to help you work out which of their best-selling face creams is right for your skin in particular. It includes Green Tea Face Cream for those with normal-oily skin, Macadamia Rosehip Cream for drier skin types and Pomegranate Face Cream for mature skin! There’s definitely something for everyone in their Try-Me Face Kit.

Whilst it’s important to have a good skincare routine, it’s also vital to be aware of some factors that are increasing our own risk to toxins.

These 4 things can have a significant impact –

  1. Smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke/vapour
  2. Consuming alcohol
  3. Overloading your system, like taking too many tasks on at the same time which can cause stress which can lead to skin issues
  4. Using household cleaning products containing toxic chemicals

However, for many of us, some of these are common occurrences within a typical week/month, especially when leading a busy lifestyle in a polluted city. But it is always useful to be aware of what is exposing your skin to toxins so you can actively aim to avoid too much of it!

The overall preservation of our skin and implementing a skin-care routine is often overlooked, especially when our skin appears clear and free from skin concerns. It is only once damage, wrinkling or tears to the skin occur that people begin to take notice of what they are doing to their skin. I believe it is important to take suitable precautions before it gets to this stage. For many of us, we mainly care about our appearance and putting time into ourselves when we are leaving our houses, however, the real work starts at home. Setting aside 10 minutes a day for skincare could be extremely beneficial in the preservation of your skin and an overall toxin-free life. A top tip for implementing these 10 minutes into your daily schedule is to do it at the same time each day so that you start to become accustomed to it.

Small changes in your routine can eventually lead to larger ones further down the line. Taking precautions and implementing the steps I have mentioned within this post, will benefit your skin in the long run and lead you one step closer to living a toxin-free life.

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