How to make a New Years Resolution

Written by Lucie Scull


Each New Year everyone sets multiple resolutions, goals and aims for the year ahead, all that new year new me mantra. Typically however, they are forgotten about before January is even over! I know it's happened to me several times. This year will be different as I have trawled the internet, so you don't have to, to find the secrets for sticking to your New Year Resolution!

The two main things you have to consider when setting the resolution is to be realistic about the resolution and make a plan. With these two things, you WILL achieve that New Years Resolution.  

What do I mean realistic?  Well, trying to change your life immediately won't happen. Having that drastic change that is so different from your currently lifestyle will be too hard and you'll often quit. Resulting in that all too familiar feeling of another resolution you didn't achieve! So, step one, think about what you can achieve given your current lifestyle. Change your focus onto the small habits that you can incorporate that lead to the end goal. 

Step two, make a plan. This one is so crucial and by far the most important out of the two. Break down the huge goal, to week by week achievements. This way, you'll slowly start to see the bigger picture, whilst recognising the steps to get there. 

For example, the most common New Years Resolution is to 'get fit', 'lose weight' and 'be healthier'. Using these steps, I would first look at my day to day, and ask myself, Can I walk to work? Is it possible to meal prep? Do I have time to fit in the gym after work? Then you need to focus on what is realistic. It's not realistic to go to the gym every single day and meal prep all in the first week.

Breakdown that goal, in the first two weeks, focus on the routine of meal prepping. Once you have achieved that, focus on 3-4 gym sessions a week, and slowly build up. This way you slowly make the habits that lead to the bigger picture! 

When you breakdown the New Years resolution into week by week, it creates a more manageable target. Give this a try and let us know how you get on!

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