Isolation Mornings

How I spend a typical morning in #Lockdown2... don't apologise for loosing motivation and messing up your sleeping pattern it happens to the best of us


My alarm will sound at around 9:30 most mornings depending on my sleep that night.. I may press snooze a couple (dozen) times.

I'll then check my phone like the morning paper and embarrassingly get lost in another TikTok black hole probably consisting of dances and Christmas videos, yes I'm on ChristTok, yes I've been on it since mid October.


Then after what feels like 10 minutes but is really being an hour I will without fail venture downstairs and make myself an iced coffee with vanilla syrup. Cold coffee will always be my go to come sun or rain btw. I am partial to watching some morning TV and channel my middle inner aged woman. I enter 'This Morning' Spin to Win every single weekday and I'm yet to win but that's a conversation for another time.


Around 11am I will take myself upstairs to change from pyjamas to more comfortable clothes to lounge around in all day. My loungewear collection of clothes is getting worrying now my bank account hates me.


My morning routine also consists of making sure my skin is fresh and ready for the day, especially in winter to combat the cold harsh weather. I have a simple and quick 3 step routine. I start off with the Lemon and Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash and rub it into clean hands which helps to get the dirt out my pores, my skin feels silky smooth after its just a bit gorgeous really. Following this, I pump a small amount of the Macadamia and Rosehip Face Cream and massage that into my freshly washed skin just to help moisture my face. Lastly (see I told you it's easy) I just use a small spritz of the Rose Face Toner and use a cotton pad to just wipe away any excess.


Once that's all done and dusted I go back downstairs and sit and work.. all day... sadly my assignments aren't going to write themselves.

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