Self Love Day

 Written by Akshata Sulebhavi

Fall in love with yourself again, this self-love day

Lucille Ball “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” While Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, to tell us to spread love and express our love for others. self-love day reminds us all that expressing the same love to yourself is important. As pouring love onto others is easy, by forgetting to feed the same love yourself. So this ‘Self Love Day’ find yourself some ‘me time’ out of your busy and hectic life, by reading these small daily acts for your mind, body, and soul.




1. Do Brain Dump - Having a Brain Dump spread on my journal has helped me to get all of my thoughts in one place and not to feel restless and mind full of ideas.

2. Edit your social media feeds - You can simply mute the notifications, you don’t have to delete them. Use this time for yourself, and you to spend time with your family and friends.

3. Do a Cleanout session for your closet - Cleaning can be surprisingly therapeutic, having a clean and organized environment keeps you calm.

4. Check out this project 28 Days of Love - self-love is something that you need to conscientiously practice each day till it becomes a habit. (


1.Take a nap - Stick to your sleep routine. Take a good nap, give your body and mind a little rest.

2. Create a self-love ritual - Give your body a good massage. Take a look at our body washes that will have your skin nourished and protected without making it dry in this winter.

3. Do mindful eating - Pay attention to what you put into your body because it’s not only about what makes you look good also what makes you feel good.

4. Wear something you love - Wear something from your closet which makes you feel good. You don't have to save it for special occasions.


1. Have a self-date - Spend some time alone doing what you love. Have that favourite cup of coffee at your happy place, listen to your favourite podcast or a book while traveling, and Cook a delicious dinner for yourself.

2. Stop comparing yourself - These every day small comparisons can have an effect on your confidence, that's why start an accomplishment list to remind you to celebrate your every small win.

3. Ask for help - to your parents, friends, teachers, mentors, even counsellors. Even if it seems irrelevant at first, it’s good to talk to somebody.

4. Learn to forgive - Learn to forgive yourself and those around you. Other than questioning what's wrong with you, sit and think about what amazing things you can offer. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

Remember self-love is just like any other habit, it will be developed by your everyday choices. Start implementing these small acts in your daily life and don’t forget to be good to yourself.


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