Teaming Up with Ecologi - Planting a Tree with Every Purchase

Research shows reforestation is one of the best climate change solutions available today – when trees are cut down for farming, the delicate ecosystems that help to clean up our atmosphere are damaged. Planting more helps protect our world.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ecologi.

Ecologi plants trees across the world to combat global warming. But, it doesn’t stop there – they’re involved in helping grow renewable energy alternatives, biodiversity projects, and even help fund science that helps change the course of the climate changing. Just last year, Ecologi planted over 500,000,000 across the world, and implemented renewable fuel for farmers.

Every purchase you make with us helps create positive change. By planting trees, you’re caring for the creatures of today, ensuring their safety for tomorrow.

You can read about the great work Ecologi do here.


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