Unisex, Organic, Aluminium and Paraben-free Long Lasting Deodorant by London Organic Beauty

Student? Mother of five? pro gamer? wherever life has taken you, you all have one item on your shopping list in common, we hope ... Deodorant! and why spend unnecessary hard-earned mula on something that will not only have you running back to the store in less than a month, but also be contributing to global warming, plastic pollution and air pollution?  Consequently, endangering animals such as the polar bear, who relies on sea ice to survive and raise their young.  

This unisex, organic, aluminium and paraben-free deodorant is the perfect excuse to start your month off right and join the sustainability movement while treating your pits to an all-natural, sensitive skin-friendly product.

This coconut-based deodorant entices you with a natural spring scent, keeping you smelling fresh for a longer period of time as coconut oil has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties preventing the occurrence of odor-causing bacterial, also allowing the product to last up to 4 months!

Additionally, the deodorant moisturises and protects your skin from irritation, making it ideal for the prevention of eczema and rashes, which afflicts one in every five children and one in every ten people in the UK.

What other benefits could this wonderful product possibly offer? Well, even the packaging helps the environment, as London Organic has created plantable packaging, bringing to reality a zero waste, carbon neutral product with advantages for both us and the world we live in... So, what are you waiting for? Take a chance and use this remarkable product to improve your daily routine.

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