Aloe Vera & Acai Gel

This Aloe Vera & Acai Gel is designed to be used on problem areas on the skin, including to treat blemishes, spots, cuts, bruises and rashes.

Aloe vera: is renowned for having strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is a well known healing and soothing agent. It is used for burns, skin irritations and raw open wounds.

Acai berry oil: has been used for centuries by tribal communities in South America for healing and nutritional properties. Packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9, the acai berry boasts a higher unit value of antioxidant power than any other edible fruit. Used for anti-ageing, after-sun, anti-wrinkle, acne or problem skin.

This gel can also be used as a natural after-shave.

Apply this product individually and directly as required or before bedtime and leave over night as a face mask. 

Suitable for dry, ageing, inflamed, itchy and sensitive skin. This product is 100% Natural and includes pure botanical actives. The fragrance of the product is made only from pure plant essential oils.

    This product is:

    ○ Organic and Vegan
    ○ Handmade in England
    ○ Free from Parabens
    ○ Free from Sulphates
    ○ Free from Petrochemical ingredients
    ○ Free from Mineral oils
     Not tested on animals

    Product Ingredients:

    Melaleuca alternifolia; Aloe Barbadensis; Panthenol; Copaifera officinalis; Euterpe oleraca; Carapa guaianensis; Retinyl palmitate; Caprylic/capric triglyceride; Glycerine; Benzyl alcohol; Ubiquinone; Xanthum gum; D-limonene; Salicylic acid; Sorbic acid. 

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    Bath Salts

    Bath salts relax the body, mind and skin. Our signature bath salts use gentle, biodegradable cleansers that effectively clean your body without drying your skin. They help improve blood circulation, reduce stress and are recommended for muscle tension, muscle spasms, eczema and athlete's foot. They leave the skin feeling cleansed, smooth as well as refreshed. 

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    Body Lotion

    Our Body Lotions instantly enrich and moisturise dry, tired skin. It's so important to resupply your skin with lost moisture from day to day activities and showering. This product is made for easy, everyday use with a pump bottle dispenser that allows mess-free, faff-free application!

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    Body Washes

    Our body washes will have your skin squeaky clean and beautifully refreshed. London Organic body washes use gentle, biodegradable cleansers that effectively clean your body without drying your skin. They nourish, protect and keep your skin hydrated. 

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    Face Creams

    London Organic's face creams are perfect for anytime hydration. Luxurious and natural, these creams help to balance the skin’s sebum levels. Plant oil ingredients are full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins and minerals to nourish, protect and support your skin’s sensitive structure.

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    Foot Lotion

    Are the soles of your feet in need of some salvation? Then look no further, our natural foot cream will pamper and support your tired paws and bring them back to life. Your feet will return to their glory days of being soft, supple and smooth. 


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    Hand Lotions

    Our hands are always in need of a little attention and this hand cream is the perfect daily medicine! Our rich hand lotions are easily absorbed into the skin and leave hands hydrated, nourished, protected and soft.

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    Hand Washes

    Our range of Hand Washes, are perfect for daily use, to cleanse hands removing germs and dirt. Our Hand Wash does not only clean, but it restores moisturise to the hands keeping them soft and soothed.

    Our Hand Wash Range, like all our products is: 

    ○ Organic and Vegan
    ○ Handmade in England
    ○ Free from Parabens
    ○ Free from SLS
    ○ Free from PEGs
    ○ Free from Phenoxethanol
    ○ Not tested on animals

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    Sugar Scrubs

    Your Skin will thank us after using this super sugar scrub. A body scrub is essential in any beauty cabinet. This must have beauty product will provide your skin with an invigorating deep cleanse. The scrub gently exfoliates dead skin away; it unblocks pores and removes dirt while energising the skin leaving it soft, supple and moisturised.  

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    London Organic Face Toner's tone the skin naturally. As an essential skincare step that is often neglected, toning the skin is super important as it helps restore moisture, clears the skin from toxins and returns skin suppleness. Toner also helps to soothe skin irritations and lower swelling and blemishes. Our toner does all of this without upsetting the skins natural balance to leave skin refreshed, rehydrated, cleansed and happy. 

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    Whipped Butters

    Our Body Butters are whipped and after using them, your skin will not have enough good things to say! The soft butter absorbs slowly into the skin, forming a protective barrier while hydrating, softening, and soothing sensitive skin. 

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